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Basic Rules

Post  Ridley on Mon Nov 10, 2008 8:59 pm

Welcome to the unofficial fan forum of Lindsey Strutt. We didn't find any forum of her so we both (me and Atesh) create our own one, waiting for the official one. We hope you'll join us to post and support Lindsey but you have to know this is an UNOFFICIAL forum so don't think to see the true Lindsey Strutt here. It's almost impossible. So, first, don't create an account telling you're the true Lindsey : we both know that a official website is coming soon.

1 - Multiple accounts, spam accounts will be automatically deleted!

2 - Have respect for the members and especially for our Lindsey, please!

3 - Nude avatars, signatures and pics are ok but porn or illegal materials are banned!

4 - What more? Have fun! Long life to Lindsey! Smile


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